Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Sweet Spot

Phew … Sick week is over.  I sit here at my kitchen table sipping my bulletproof coffee (that’s for all the Whole 30 fans) after giving Ben his third dose of antibiotics and finally relax.  The week started off well.  After our endo appointment last week we made a few adjustments to Ben’s pump settings and … Voila! … We were seeing the best BG numbers EVER, no numbers over 150, without even a single 275 or 321 sneaking in.  I even began to think … Maybe we have this?!  Maybe out next A1c check will come with a few gold stars and a high-five for good measure.  We had hit our T1 sweet spot!

Then comes Wednesday, hump day, apparently, we had reached our peak and now it was time for the downward slide, fizzle, putter, crash.  The day started simply, everyone waking up and getting ready for work and school.  Because I am the slowest waker-upper in the house I was still in my room when Ben came knocking on my door.  He immediately, laid down on my bed and whines that he couldn’t eat breakfast because his tummy hurt.  I responded with a very unsympathetic, “Seriously?!”  He then begged me to take him to the doctor.  Since I do have heart (he is my baby) I told him to lie down and I would call the doctor’s office.  But before I did so, I had to ask, “What was your morning BG?”  “75”

Now 75 on Monday and Tuesday would have been great, but not today.  Being low and having a belly ache is not a great combination.  No longer I am I hoping for our sweet numbers from Monday.  Now I would love to see a 175 or even 200.  On the way to the doctor’s office we check again … 82.  Ack!  We set a temp basal reduction (and I silently pray.)

During the doctor’s visit she asks lots of question about where the stomach pain is and what it feels like.  She asks him to sit on the table.  She checks his temperature (which is fine), she swabs his throat (quick strep test comes back negative) and checks his ears.  As she is peering in his ears she asks, “How is Ben’s diabetes?  Is it under control?”  Ugh.  My very, very most HATED question.  Usually, I answer with some snarky response, but not this time.  This time I say, “This week we hit the sweet spot.  We had the best numbers ever.  Not one number over 150.”  And yes, I was gushing with pride.  The doctor then says, “OK.  His ears look fine.”  What?!  Not a, Wow, you’re the most awesome T1 mother in the whole wide world? … Nope … instead she tells us she didn’t find anything specifically wrong, we should treat his symptoms and then sent us on our way.

On the way home we check Ben’s BG again … 78.  We lower his temp basal some more. The rest of the day goes the same way, unpleasant visits to the bathroom, blood sugar check that never hit 100, and more temp basal reductions.  Eventually, we make it through the day.  BGs are Ok and no visits to the emergency room.

Thursday morning starts off the same as Wednesday.  I am slow to get out of bed and Ben knocks on the door.  He still doesn’t feel well.  Another day home with me, except this day his BGs are sky high, 300s, 200s, never a 100.  Together, we make it through another sick day without a visit to the ER and Ben is finally eating again.  His high BG numbers continue through the night and into Friday morning.  But, Friday we decide it’s time to go back to school (and I need to get back to work.)  Finally, Ben is off to school and I am back working … until the doctor’s office calls.  Ben has strep.  He needs to come home from school and start taking his antibiotics.

And now today, Ben woke up with another high … 176.  Sadly, I think the BG sweet spot we had hit earlier this week is now gone.  We are back on the diabetes rollercoaster.  There is still hope that once Ben is 100% better we can find our way back.  But I have my doubts, because that’s not what diabetes is.  Diabetes is up and down and sideways.  But before I say, “adios” to our sweet spot, I want to revisit Monday’s numbers again.  Here are Ben’s actual BG numbers from Monday:
Ahhh … now that was sweet!


  1. I love those "sweet spot" times... Makes you feel awesome, doesn't it? Sorry he's sick, hope that he's doing better soon!

    And it turns out we have a friend in common... Alison lives about 5-10 minutes away from me! Small, small world.

  2. I will... just saw her last Saturday (that's when we both figured out we knew you). And we run into her and her family when we're out and about. Now I for SURE have to meet you at the next FFL