Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of school

Today was the big day … all three boys are now at the same school!  They are now all attending a private “all boys” school in a neighboring town.  The school starts in 4th grade and ends in 9th.  Ben just started 4th grade, Cole is in 7th and Garren is in 8th.

This afternoon I picked up the boys and I was anxious to hear about their first day.  When Ben jumped into the back of the car he told me he was hungry and wanted to eat his snack.  I suggested he check himself and then he could have his snack.  He did and he was 132.  Hmmm ... Excellent.

On the ride home I peppered the boys with questions about their day.  While we were chatting, Ben interrupted us and said, "Guys, I didn't realize how much freedom you had at your school.  Last year when we walked around school you had to always follow a teacher and stay in a straight line.  And you could not talk or you got a lecture on being quiet."

Ben may not have realized how much freedom his brothers had at their school, but I did.  It's a dream for an active young boy to be able to walk/run independently between classes.  But for me it felt more like a nightmare.  Last year in 3rd grade Ben spent the entire day with his one teacher in their one classroom that conveniently was just 12 feet away from the nurse's office!

Last week, Jeff and I met with the new school nurse, Mrs G. to discuss Ben's day.  She suggested Ben come to her office three times a day to get his blood sugar checked and receive any correction boluses he may need.  Mrs. G's office is located in a separate building from Ben's classrooms.  Ben would now have to leave his school house and walk across a small parking lot to see the school nurse.  He was no longer going to be constantly under the watchful eye of either his teacher or the school nurse.  The plan all seemed reasonable but I was nervous (really nervous).  So this morning before Ben left for school I insisted he keep a tube of glucose tabs in his pocket.  I told him that if he felt low at all that he should just eat a tab.  He did not need to wait to see the nurse to check his blood sugar.  If he felt low eat a tab and no one would be angry.

This afternoon after we got home the boys started unpacking their bags.  And Ben pulled out his tube of glucose tabs from his pocket and he said, "Mom, I took 2 and half glucose tabs today at school."

I was surprised.  The nurse had not written that down on his log sheet!  So I asked, "When did you do that?"

Ben explained, "At the very end of the day when we were getting ready to leave.  I felt really shaky.  I was really, really shaky mom.  So I took a tab and then I took one and half more until I felt better."

He tells me this whole story with a big smile on his face.  He was so proud of himself.  And honestly, even though I was horrified, I was proud of him too.  Ben, who is only 9 years old, had done exactly what he needed to do.  This all happened as he was walking out to meet me.  And when he did get in the car he was 132!  He had taken the perfect amount of tabs, 2.5.

So today I end my day, in awe of my son, and just a little (teeny tiny bit) less nervous about tomorrow.