Saturday, August 24, 2013

His cup is still half full

Summer ending
No more camp
Boys hang at home
While I work

Ben’s BGs are high
Too much Xbox and sofa time
And correct some more

Ben’s BGs even higher
Maybe it’s the set
After quick argument
Ben hates set changes
Change set a day early

Ben’s BGs higher still
Maybe it’s the insulin
Bottle near end
Plus, bottle took trip to Maine and back
Open new bottle
After quick argument
“I know we just changed set yesterday”
Change insulin and set

Yep, Ben’s BGs still high
Now what?
Up basal to 120%
And correct, correct, correct
First hockey practice of season tonight
Exercise should help
Instead of another set change
Ben suggests playing outside
Get some exercise now

Ben plays catch with brother
30 minutes later
Falls through front door
Says tummy hurts
Lie down on sofa
Finally decide to check ketones
Small amount
But a lot for Ben
Almost always 0

More insulin
Hockey practice in 30 minutes
Tell Ben he must rest
Bring down BG
Get rid of ketones
No practice today

Jeff home from work now
Ask him to change Ben’s set
I must suck at set changes
Figure it’s all my fault
My T1 mom fall back theory
Soon Ben feeling better
Ketones gone
And a BG that starts with 1 and not 3
Everyone *sigh*

Later in the evening
After all the day’s T1 drama has been forgotten
Sit down with IPad
Scroll through D-blogs
Stumble on my post His cup is half full
Story from this summer’s FFL conference
When Ben states he wouldn’t want a cure
Fellow blogger Scott suggested
Being at awesome T1 conference may have affected his position
Makes perfect sense
Always wondered if that was true

Ben walks by
Stop him and say
“Hey Ben, I have a question for you”
Ben pauses ready for question
Suddenly, remember day’s events
Ketones, tummy ache, tears
Think maybe not best time to ask

“Mom, what do you want?”
“Ah maybe now isn’t the best time to ask”
“Ask what?”
Decide maybe now is a good time
Day total opposite of happy FFL day

“Remember at conference,
When you told me about Joe’s question,
When he asked you guys,
If there were a cure,
Raise your hand if you would take it?”
“Would you still not raise your hand?”
“Yep, what?”
“I wouldn’t raise my hand.
I am fine mom.”
Then Ben runs off
His turn on Xbox

Not the answer I was expecting
I struggle to understand
But I stop
I may suck at set changes
I may not understand Ben
But I do know this:
Summer camp good,
Xbox bad,
And Ben is fine!
He said so himself
So I am fine too

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