Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pumps and Baseball

When Ben plays sports he continues to wear his pump.  When he plays hockey he tucks the pump into a slit that Jeff cut open inside his hockey pants.  Ben loves it because no one can see his pump, and no one ends up asking him annoying questions. 

When Ben plays baseball it is a little trickier to hide his pump.  Last year he just clipped it to the waistband of his baseball pants.  When he wore his pump this way everyone in the stands could see it.  Parents would always ask, "Why is that boy wearing a pager?" And kids would always point it out and ask questions.

This year when the baseball season started Ben decided to clip his pump to the waistband of his baseball pants again.  But instead of completely tucking in his jersey he would leave some of the shirt untucked and cover/wrap his pump with the hem of his jersey.  In the end his jersey would only be half tucked in (which technically is against little league rules.)

Ben's rule-breaking-pump-disguising baseball uniform went unnoticed by any little league umpires this season ... Until today.

Today while Ben was up at bat, the umpire called timeout and asked Ben to tuck in his shirt.  I was sitting in the stands and could not hear their complete conversation, so after the game I asked Ben what happened?

Ben explained, "The ump asked me to tuck in my shirt.  I lifted up my shirt and showed him my pump.  And told him I like it this way."

I asked, "What did the ump say then?"

Ben chuckled and said, "The ump said' "WHOA what is that?” I told him it was a pump.  He then said, "Oh ... oh OK then." That's when I blushed.  I felt my face get hot.  I don't think that has ever happened to me before."

I assured him he had nothing to be embarrassed about.  He had handled it like a champ.

Ben then said, "It didn't bother me too much.  I still hit a double."


  1. In my imagination the tone of voice for "why is that boy wearing a pager?" is the same as "he's ruining the whole show!" in that Steve Martin movie PARENTHOOD.

    I love Ben.

    1. I love reading/hearing stories about kids with T1 sticking up for themselves! It's hard at first but gets easier and easier with time. GO BEN!