Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News and Bad News

Sunday evening after a long hot day of baseball, everyone gathered in the family room to watch NHL network (seriously the sports never stop in our house.)  Jeff and Ben curled up together in our big leather chair while the rest of us sprawled out on the sofa.  

After everyone settled in, Jeff said, "Hey Ben, I have some good news and some bad news for you, which would you like to hear first?"

Ben replied, "How about the bad news first then the good news.  That way I end happy."

Jeff chuckled, "That sounds like solid logic.  So the bad news ... I know you wanted to go on day trippers camp the first week of July but you are not going to be able to."

Ben pouted and made his sad little puppy dog face then asked, "Why?"

Jeff explained, "Because there will be no nurse there to help you with your diabetes.  You will have to stay on campus and do general camp."

Ben pouted more and made an even sadder little puppy dog face. 

Jeff then reminded him, "But I said there was good news too ... You also wanted to go on day trippers in August.  We talked to L (his babysitter who also has T1) and she said she can go with you!  The camp director said she can come too and help take care of you."

Ben smiled, clapped and cheered, "Yeah!"

(Which I must add is going to cost a fortune.  We have to pay for camp + a babysitter for 40 hours.  Thankfully the camp is not going to charge the sitter for the camp and also generously offered to pay for all her tickets and fees.)

After his quick celebration, Ben added,  "I need to start learning to take care of myself more.  Then I won't always need L or a nurse."

I now chimed in, "That is a good idea.  As you already know taking care of diabetes is a lot of work.  There are prescriptions to fill, doctor's appointments to make, there is carb counting, set changes, and midnight checks.  Dad and I want to help.  You don't need to take everything on.  But maybe there is a small piece you can take on as your own job."

Jeff then added, "You know you do a lot already.  You are a great carb counter.  And when you are at school, you remember to visit the school nurse before snack and lunch."

Ben was quiet. 

He thought for a few minutes. 

Then he said, "I know! I will remember to check myself before I eat and bolus when I am home.  You won't need to remind me anymore.  Will that help?"

Jeff agreed, "Yes it will.  That is a great first step!" Then Jeff and Ben fist bump.

I wanted to jump off the sofa and just kiss his face off!

I often feel as if God dumped a bucket load of crap on Ben back in October of 2009.  But maybe, just maybe, God knew what he was doing.  Because every time this stupid disease, diabetes, tries to break him ... Ben wins ... and always comes out stronger!


  1. The bad-news part of this story will last a month. The good-news part will last a lifetime (or less, pending a scientific breakthrough). Overall, I'd say this is a good deal.

  2. I love this story. Thanks for sharing!