Friday, July 26, 2013

The Right Side

Ah! Time for bed

Finally a cool night

Good sleeping weather

I make it to bed first, before Jeff

Decide, which side of the bed do I want tonight?

Left side, alarm side, middle-of-night-BG-checker side

Right side, sleep side

Chose right side

So tired

Pull down covers

Roll to my side





2:30 am

Hear angry slap of alarm

Jeff throws back covers

Click of bathroom light

Setup pricker

Shuffle down the hall

Feel badly

But roll back over, anyway



Krinkle … Krinkle … Krinkle

What’s that?

Ah, juice box straw

“Ben’s low?”

“No, not really, 85”

“How about setting a temp basal?”

“Just did that”

“Still need juice?”

Grumply reply, “I don’t really know”

Quietly reply, “OK”

Roll back over

Need to stop nagging

I chose right side



Sun shines through blinds

Wake up

7:00 am


Come down stairs for breakfast

Ben already sitting at table

Jeff at stove cooking bacon

Ask, “What’s your number?”

Jeff snaps, “High”

Ben adds, “220”

Jeff grumbles, “I shouldn’t have given him the juice”

I try to reassure, “That’s OK.  We can fix now”



I walk to get coffee

Stand right next to Jeff now

Sadly this time,

Jeff mumbles again, so only I can hear,

“But I was nervous …

I was tired …

I just wanted to sleep …

And not be scared”

I pour my coffee

Then I mumble back,

“It’s OK …

I get it …

I chose the right side.”


  1. "I just wanted to sleep …
    And not be scared”

    We get it. (sniff, sniff)

  2. I would love to sleep and not be scared :'(

  3. I'm the T1D, not the parent, but I somehow get it too. xo

    1. I suppose anyone with T1 in their house, anywhere, knows what it is like to sleep scared ... Thanks for all the nice comments ... And BTW last night was a good night ... Always thankful for a peaceful night!

  4. This one got to me. Totally get it. This is why I would take a bullet for my DexCom. I'm truly not scared anymore when I go to sleep.

  5. (((Hugs)))

    P.S. I LOVE your system/side of bed.

    Dave and I do a two night on/off system over here.