Saturday, January 12, 2013

Then comes Wednesday ...

Please forgive me.  Had to continue my long epic "poem".  Our journey this week was still not over.

Then comes Wednesday
Begins just like Tuesday
With super dad packing up boys
And driving them all to school
Mom slowly drags herself
Out of bed
But today I work from home

Today is Ben’s debut
His 4th grade school play
Will skip out this afternoon
Watch my baby shine on stage
Boys attend “all boys” school
Like Shakespearean actors boys play females
Ben is so brave
Took the only female role
Playing the sassy girlfriend

Shuffle downstairs in my pjs
Pour big, big cup of coffee
Sit down at desk
Start another busy, busy day
11:00 am conference call
Chatting with folks across the pond

Beep, beep, beep
See Jeff is calling
Still working
Will call back later

Beep, beep, beep
Seriously, Jeff?
I will call you back
Still working

Beep, beep, beep
What the heck?
Worry now
Bad mommy feeling
Rudely interrupt conference call
Got to go
That was so unprofessional

Finally click over
Hello, what’s going on?
Please meet me at Children’s Hospital
Ben fell at recess
Needs x-rays
Ben’s not crying
Just seems sad
Will be there in 30 minutes

Change out of pjs
Pour one more coffee
To go this time
Scrape ice off car
Still not too worried
Seen inside ER before
At least no ambulance this time

Meet Jeff at hospital door
X-ray already done
Waiting for results
Ben is sad
Does it hurt?
Not too much
Why so sad?
Going to miss school play

Nurse calls Ben’s name
Results are in
Small crack near shoulder
Need to see ortho specialist
Definitely miss play
Now Ben super sad

Jeff going back to school
Ben and I need to drive to ortho office
Jeff gently kisses Ben good-bye
Ben has diabetes
Almost forgot that part!
Jeff gives me
Test kit
Glucose tabs
And protein bar
Ben missed lunch

Driving to ortho
How far mom?
Not very far
Mom, my arm hurts
I bet it does
How did it happen?
Tripped on basketball in gym
Ben declares
No more basketball
Only hockey from now on!

Walk slowly to front door
Handed clipboard
Fill out forms
Any medical conditions?
Want to write
DAMN Diabetes
But don’t
Write Type 1 Diabetes
Taking any medications?
This time DO write
Forever and ever

Second time today
Nurse calls Ben’s name
Follow her to examine room
Answer same questions from form
This time omit
Snarky answers

Nurse leaves
Doctor enters
There is a break
But can not cast
Too close to shoulder
Wear sling instead
For 4 to 6 weeks
Pain should stop in 2 weeks
Head explodes
2 weeks of pain?!
Here is a prescription for
Tylenol with Codeine
To help sleep
Come back in 4 weeks
No sports until then
Here is your gym note
That’s it
Doctor leaves

Ben you ok?
I am ok
Doctor said 2 weeks and pain should go away
Ben pauses
Looks at me
Smiles ...
“That’s not so long Mom
At least this Doctor didn’t say
The rest of my life!”

You are so right
You are so wise
2 weeks really isn’t that long
This time
It’s not
Forever and ever!

We collect our paperwork
And our CD with the x-rays
Stopping at registration
To make a return appointment
Is Feb 13th a good day?
As good a day as any

Before we leave office
Sit and check BG
Carefully prick finger
And wonder
How will a broken limb affect Ben’s BG?
Suppose we will soon find out

We slowly and gently walk back to car
Quick steps
Heavy steps
I buckle Ben in
Just like when he really was my baby

On the way home
Decide to stop at school
Pickup backpack
Left behind

Walking across campus
Run into buddy
4th grade play just ended
Ms Drama Teacher filled in for Ben
Buddy chuckles
Says Ms Drama Teacher
Wasn’t so funny
Not as funny as Ben
Ben chuckles too

Head to homeroom
Stopped many, many more times
“Ben what happened?”
“Ben you ok?”
Quietly Ben responds
Reassuring everyone
“It’s broke … but I am ok”

Finally make it
More warm greetings
From classmates
From Mr 4th Grade Teacher
Ben struggles but is able
To write down his assignments
Read Chapter 4 of Hatchet
Study for spelling test tomorrow
Pack up books, coat, and hat
Quietly wave good-bye

In the hall now
Ask Ben
Should we check with Mr Math teacher?
Must have math homework too
Do we have to?
You know,
I hate math!

I pause
I look at Ben
So brave
So strong
And so very, very wise

No Ben
No we don’t have to
There will be
No math homework tonight!


  1. I broke down when he said 2 weeks wasn't that long. Our kids go through so much already. Sigh. Hoping you have a good weekend and next week is much better!

    1. Ben is already feeling better today ... 2 weeks Ha!

  2. I am so sorry he missed the play!

    I hope you'll write more of these. What a story!

    Is the break giving him higher BGs? The codeine making it lower? Up down sideways inside out?

  3. Ben has been sky high for over a week ... He have increased all his basals and adjust ic ratios and sensitivity ... But we still rarely see a number under 200 ... So I think we have bigger problem beyond the busted limb ... Suddenly I feel another blog coming on :)