Sunday, October 14, 2012


At Ben's school each semester there is a senate election.  Each grade has two senators and they serve for half the school year.  The students who want to run need a partner, because they run in pairs, and then they have to give an election speech.  Running for the senate is very popular in the 4th grade.  Almost 3/4s of the fourth grade class runs.

Ben and his new buddy C ran and gave this speech:

Hi guys its Ben and C here running for senate.  There is one thing to do, vote for us.  Here are some awesome reasons you should vote for us.  We will have hi-chew sales for 3 packs each kid and the packs are 1 dollar per pack, and the money will go to JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation).  We will try to have a pizza night and play flash light tag and man hunt.  The pizza will be $1.25 per slice.  Also we will have a candy guessing contest and the bucket will have all types of candies like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Fireballs, Starburst, Pixie Sticks, and more.  We will have sports tournaments.  Donut eating contests and drawing contests also.  Will give you swag like that, and teach you how to do push ups in midair and teach you how to use a banana phone.

Please vote for us!

The speech may seem like the silly ramblings of two 9 year old boys, but I love it!  I think it represents exactly who Ben is.  He is a boy living with what seems like very grown up problems.  He is a boy who starts his day checking his blood sugar and counting every carb he eats.  He is an advocate and a fundraiser working to help find a cure for a disease that affects millions of people across the globe.  But that is just a small part of who he is.  Even though T1 might seem as if it has completely taken over his young life, it has not!  He still loves flash light tag, candy (all kinds), and sports tournaments.

I often worry that T1 has stolen Ben's youth.  But when, I read this speech I smile knowing that there is so much magic left.  He can do push ups in midair!  And he knows how to use a banana phone!  There was also some magic in their speech, because Ben and C won!  Soon the whole grade will be eating piles of candy and talking on banana phones.  I hope the teachers are prepared for all that young boy magic.

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